Inaugural Cohort

Applications are now closed.

ENGINE is a new virtual studio space and think-tank for a small cohort of interactive media artists to develop work together. Over the course of three months the group will come together to verbalize how game engines connect and facilitate computation into larger structures, images, and trends — the contemporary.

Emphasis is placed on the production of gamelike interactive work and discussion of game engines as a highly contested space of the future, an emerging ecology of arts and commerce—the site of simulation (robotics, AI), speculation (IPs & blockchains), and spectacle (play livestreamed, captured, and recaptured). ENGINE seeks to study the theatre of images and situations arising from these events.

The first cohort will convene from February-April 2021. Applicants must have a project or prototype to further develop throughout the duration of the program and participate in weekly stand-ups, discussions, crits, and talks from invited speakers as well as the dissemination of the activities on this blog.

Some in-points for ENGINE are

  • The vector of play as the model for implementing new technology (AR, VR, blockchain)
  • The game engine as a dense site of simulation and play, a superstructure connecting architecture, design, industrial, robotics, AI, social, and video game simulations. 
  • Increasing downstream effects of play and labour (games without players), the force of democratized media, metaverse, “trustless” systems, and gaming chairs. 
  • The default setting of the simulation, z-fighting, back-face culling, PBR – how we visualize the real world in simulation

While we build parts of this new machine and point it in a direction to walk, many of the activities will be done on an ad hoc basis, we aim to create a productive and respectful environment where all ideas can be shared and suggestions are welcome.


Neilson Koerner-Safrata (